Rodent Control

TriStar Bait Station


Product description:
All new, lightweight, easy to clean, lockable interior/exterior rodent bait station. Flat pack style for incredible space saving in transport, storage and carrying on-site.

Key product features:

  • Unique side-entry, short tunnel design with a large feeding chamber to attract and encourage both rats and mice to enter, forage and feed in security.
  • Fast assembly and opening for bait changing, easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Tough, hard wearing, UV-resistant polypropylene for use anywhere inside and outside of buildings.
  • Lockable and tamper-resistant for safety and security.
  • Lightweight, flat pack design for 6 fold space saving in transport, storage and easy carrying on-site.
  • Fixing by screws, bolts and adhesive to any surface at any angle.
  • Triangular section for tightest locations and secure fit to wall-floor junctions.

Pack size: 36 units / case

Minimum order quantity: 5 cases

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