Check us out @ Pest World 2016: Booth No. 1526

Welcome to Pest World 2016, organised by NPMA

See you guys there at Seattle, WA from the 18th ~ 21st October 2016

We will be at Booth No. 1526

Our main exhibit items will be the novel Innova impregnated technology for the pest management & other related industries.

Special features of Innova impregnated products:

* Lower temperature allowing AIs (chemicals) effective for long duration
* Applicable for Indoors & Outdoors
* Sustainable efficacy & environmental friendly
* Slow release/migratory leaching process   
The Innova Polymer products can be adopted for the following applications:

- Agriculture – Shade and crop nets with incorporated insecticide to control pests around crop production

- Horticulture – Ground cover nets with incorporated herbicide to control weed growth

- Husbandry – Perimeter netting with incorporated insecticide to control fly populations and other disease vectors

- Stored products – Netting and sheeting with incorporated pesticide to control pest infestations, FIBC with pest control properties

- Quarantine – Pallet and Bale Bags with insecticide to control flying and crawling pests

- Personal Hygiene – fibres with incorporated anti-microbial properties, bed bug control fibres

- Marine – Fibres and extrusions with anti-fouling properties

- Health care – Vent Nets and Bed Nets with incorporated mosquito control, strips and nets with incorporated larvacide for disease vector control

- Food chain – fly and insect control around abattoirs and food markets

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