Insect Control


We offer a range of novel Insect control products for professional pest managers.

Antopia Outdoor Bait Station

A large ant bait station for outdoor use




Bed Bug Barrier – Castor Cup

Bed bug protection for under the bed leg




Bed Bug Barrier – Screw-in Leg Cap

Bed bug protection inserted through the extended screw of the bed’s leg.





Large Outdoor Ant Bait Station

Outdoor bait station that can place two different bait types.





Exoroach Cockroach Trap

High quality cockroach trap for professional environment





Gel Canteen Indoor Bait Station

Neat indoor self adhesive bait station





Mobe Moat  (also known as Border Patrol in US)

Highly effective quarantine and exclusion strip





Small Outdoor Ant Bait Station

Small yet discreet bait station for outdoor use