SPM Asia

Key Contacts at SPM Asia

Quek Cher PingDirector

As Director of SPM Global, Mr Quek brings his technical and business skills to the team to coordinate the development of new products and the business growth. With a technical education from Manchester UK, and an MBA from Singapore he has not just a technical/commercial perspective on business but an Asian/European perspective on business culture and
market expectations too

Phone +65 6741 6333

   email: cherping.quek@siangmay.com

Allan GohManager

Managing SPM Asia is the task
taken up by Mr Allan Goh, based
in Singapore. He has more than
30 years experience in trading &
product sourcing. He works
closely with product
manufacturers and suppliers of
latest pest control products in the

Phone +65 9674 2225

email: allan.goh@spmglobal.co

Iman KhanSales Engineer

Iman overlooks the marketing of
SPM products within Asia.
Customers will call him to
understand the technical details
and installation methods of each
product. Being a bird control and product specialist, he has conducted numerous talks and trainings throughout Asia to several PCOs,  town councils, government agencies, building & facility managements etc.

Phone +65 9109 6064

email: iman.nassir@spmglobal.co